Haven’t posted anything in a while. Been working on the album a lot. Been working on some covers as well. We finally recording vocals so songs should be done soon. For now, this is a cover of the final single released by Voxtrot. Well a demo of it anyways. We’re not completely done yet but the full length will be out soon.

July 25th
The Surface

This summer won’t end if we don’t let it.

We Used to Lay Against the Sun
The Surface

The nausea… the nostalgia. We used to lay against the sun. Let the loon guide us home… Find his muse on the shore, she’s always dancing on the shore.

High tides… for our low spirits. We used to lay against the sun. But that’s when we were young… Yeah, that’s when we were young, before all this had begun.

Away from Here
The Surface

Here’s another preview. One of the more warmer or summer sounding songs from the album. Pretty catchy.

They all say that these tides will surely pass…

But if they don’t, we can swim away from here.

My name is Kawasaki. Nice to meet you. I’ve heard of you.

Guitar Bass Guitar

Just recorded the last song on the album. Last song meaning the outro and not the last song to record, unfortunately. It’s called “I’ve Heard of You” and it’s five minutes of glory. I immediately wrote it after watching “Lost in Translation” for whatever reason. Inspiration is inspiration. If nothing else it rolls into “Floating Vibes” by Surfer Blood beautifully. Assuming they’re the next band in your iTunes haha. We should be done with all the guitar and bass recording this weekend. So that’s good. Progress.

Rest Assured
The Surface

This is one of the first songs I wrote for the album. In December I think. Like I said, we haven’t recorded any vocals or live drums yet. So it’s just bass and guitar at the moment. And drums done on Logic Pro. Bare with us haha. We have a good amount of lyrics written, I hope we start recording soon. Like next week hopefully.

Recording Recording Recording Recording… and Recording.

Okay. We’re about halfway through the album. Well, a third of the way. We haven’t recorded any live drums yet. Actually, an even smaller fraction. We haven’t laid down any vocals. God damn. It’s all coming soon, I swear. Once guitar and bass is done then we’ll worry about drums. I assume we’ll have to go down to Jersey (Tyler doesn’t live in CT, but the rest of us do) to record them. To eliminate some confusion… Taylor sings, Dan plays guitar, Tyler drums and I play bass. I being Mark. I’m sure I’ll be writing 98% of these posts. In addition to Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, and every other fucking site you can think of, I figure this would be a great way to promote. Anyways. I’ll shut up and post a demo.